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The Dia Ventures platform has been developed with a focus on the unique needs of our portfolio firms. We conceived, structured and financially modeled it over three years. It provides unparalleled resources to our target entrepreneurs from legacy industries, many of whom are first-time entrepreneurs, to incubate, build and scale transformative, high-growth businesses.

Specifically, our platform provides our portfolio firms access to: 

  • the Dia Expert Network (DEN), a global network of over 150 leading subject-matter-experts and executives covering all areas relevant for an early-stage startup, 

  • highly effective product incubation and testing platforms,

  • top-quality and affordable technologies (600+ patents, and growing) and engineers from India's #1 engineering schools, and

  • our relationships with top-tier venture capitalists, leading healthcare industry experts, executives and incumbent players, and other Fortune 500 firms to facilitate follow-on financing, strategic partnerships and exits.

Please stay tuned for more details.

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