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At Dia Ventures, we are committed to long-term value creation. We believe that it starts with the right team going after the right opportunity. We realize that business ideas and plans can change due to market forces and other factors during the long, arduous journey of building a scalable, disruptive business that will last over the long term. However, if you put together the right team to fix an existing pain point with an innovative product in an attractive market, the odds of successfully completing this challenging journey are vastly improved. We believe that while capital plays an important role during this journey, it remains a commodity, and therefore does not necessarily create a lasting differentiation. We therefore deploy a "high-touch" operating model to create value.  

We are a network of entrepreneurs and digital operators. We mastered the digital playbook in the "battleground" as we deployed it to disrupt the media & entertainment industry over twenty years. Our key differentiator therefore is using our operating background to help build our portfolio businesses, especially during early stages of product development and customer adoption. We invest the vast majority of our time in that pursuit. 


Our high-touch nurturing typically lasts twelve to eighteen months during the seed phase of our portfolio firms. We focus only on a small number of high-conviction startups that fit our unique criterion. We help with both formulation and execution of strategy related to all aspects of building and growing the business. 

We back industry insiders and operators instead of pure technologists. We strongly believe that given the complexity of a large, legacy industry like healthcare, first-hand, intimate knowledge of the industry's pain points and experience in working with its ecosystem is critical in order to succeed in building a transformative, high-growth, scalable business.   

Our partnership with entrepreneurs synergistically combine their domain expertise and entrepreneurial passion with our digital expertise and experience in building disruptive businesses globally. We advise founders on product development, go-to-market strategy, business model, product pricing, getting market traction, building the team, scaling the business, international growth, and fund raising.

To align our incentives with those of the startups we work with, we accept equity in the company as our primary compensation for our advisory work.

Selection Criterion
Who are you?
  • A domain expert with a transformative business idea in a large legacy industry like healthcare, finance, food and education.

  • Have developed your idea into a beta product with early signs of market traction

  • Your idea requires leveraging digital technology to transform your industry in some fundamental manner 

  • Posses an unrelenting entrepreneurial passion and grit to navigate the challenges of launching and scaling a lasting business

What we provide?
  • Our deep digital expertise in launching and growing scalable, transformative businesses worldwide

  • Our time, up half of it, in nurturing your business. We roll-up our sleeves and get down in the trenches with our entrepreneurs, especially during early stages of product development and market traction

  • Access to our platform that provides unparalleled value to our portfolio firms during all stages of their growth, from inception to exit

  • Pre-seed phase investment capital 

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