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Many consider the year 1995 as the year when the future began. Because it marked the IPO of Netscape, the maker of Navigator, the first widely popular Web browser. Netscape Navigator brought the Internet to untold millions of people, announcing that the frontier was open for exploration and habitation. 


Since 1995, digital technology, powered by the Internet, has fundamentally transformed our media and entertainment industry, its first target, radically changing how all forms of content is created, distributed, consumed and monetized. Five of today’s ten most valuable Fortune 500 companies in the world - Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft – came of age during this cycle. Three of them did not even exist before this transformative period. This demonstrates the tremendous potential of digital technology, in terms of its magnitude and pace, to create value.

Going forward, as digital technology moves into the mainstream and transforms the core of large, antiquated, legacy industries like healthcare, finance, education, and food, Dia Ventures is partnering with entrepreneurs to help build the next generation of Fortune 10 in these multi-trillion-dollar global industries. Healthcare is our primary focus.

Our Team

Our team's proven track record accords us both expertise and capacity to build transformative and scalable businesses through creative use of digital technology and its evolving components, including Mobile, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain and Social Media.

Our hard-won expertise is a result of an intimate involvement in the creation of some of the world’s most seminal media and entertainment digital businesses over the last twenty years, and by being early adopters of almost every major evolution of digital technology when we ourselves did not instigate these breakthroughs. 

Portfolio Firms
Mindwell Labs
Precision HealthTech
Diabetes Management
Platform for Asset Managers
Evergent Technologies
OTT Video Solutions
Apigee (IPO)
API Technology & Services
Yume (IPO)
Digital Video Brand Advertising
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Our Approach

In making our partnership decision, we evaluate opportunities based on markets, people, and innovative products. We look for big markets in large, legacy industries where digital technology can create fundamental transformation. We typically back operators with deep domain expertise instead of pure technologists. We believe that technology alone will not be sufficient to fundamentally transform large, complex legacy industries. Operational excellence, a deep understanding of how these industries operate, and experience in working with key stakeholders within their ecosystems is critical in order to build a high-growth, scalable business.   

We take an active role in helping entrepreneurs build their businesses. For the right opportunity, we will not shy away from helping build a company from scratch. To allow for our 'high-touch' operating model, we pick only a limited number of highly selective startups to work with at any point of time. We ensure that our partnership with entrepreneurs synergistically combine their domain expertise and entrepreneurial passion with our digital expertise and track record in building highly transformative and scalable global businesses.


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